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  • 1、Design according to customer requirements
    2、Engineers make construction drawings, artists make beautiful painting
    3、The factory prepares the materials in advance, the construction of the site is built, the customer receives the booth
    4、We are responsible for removing the booth after the exhibition

  • 1、Preliminary construction drawing, size, artists and materials will be confirmed by customers before starting to prepare materials
    2、In the medium term site, the professional staff will follow up the construction progress and quality control
    3、During the course of the exhibition, ensure that the exhibition will be exhibited smoothly

  • 1、The terms of the contract will be set for the delivery booth
    2、There will be on-site supervision of the progress of the project
    3、Make sure that the customer can approach the product the day before

  • 1、Different materials correspond to different prices, according to customers' demand
    2、Do not pursue the lowest price, only pursuit of the most cost-effective
    3、It will be customized to better display in the client's budget

  • "1、Don't worry about communication:We have a professional foreign trade team
    2、accommodation、diet、travel one-stop service
    3、Exhibition leasing:We will arrange all kinds of exhibition according to the customer's demand
    4、We will try our best to meet the needs of our customers"

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